#29 FMF

#29 FMF

In this week’s Five Minute Friday episode, Jeff makes two important announcements, reviews the previous two episodes and shares the common theme between the two.

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This will be the last week of episodes being published 3 times per week.
Second, I'll be hosting a free webinar on Creating Team Clarity next Thursday, March 23rd at noon eastern time.

You can learn more at the show's website http://www.thechaoscast.com/resources/ and scrolling to the bottom of the page where you'll see the webinar link.

Finally, I've added some free resources from various shows. I've added an AAR template and a worksheet for identifying your brand from episode 26 or 27.

Review 4E's of exceptional entrepreneurship
Ryan Berman interview

The common denominator between the two, is courage:

Having the courage to jump off a moving ship and swim to a new one.

Having the courage to believe in yourself and your ability to succeed (remember in episode 14 we talked about belief, and in episode 19 we talked about the difference between product and process goals and how the biggest benefit to goals isn't achieving them, it's that they forge the type of person who's capable of achievement.

That's big.

And actually that makes me think of episode 24 where I talked about what it means to "mine the hunt." If you haven't listened to it yet, I'll sum it up in one phrase: "It's not about winning the battle--although winning is important. It's ABOUT the battle. Period." I'll leave it there

AND I'll leave it at that for today.

Remember, check out next week's webinar on creating team clarity. It'll be Thursday the 23rd at noon eastern time. You can signup at http://www.thechaoscast.com/resources/

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