#28 Founder Chief Creative Officer of The i.d.e.a. Brand Ryan Berman on Getting a Return on Courage

#28 Founder Chief Creative Officer of The i.d.e.a. Brand Ryan Berman on Getting a Return on Courage

Founder and Chief Creative Officer of The i.d.e.a Brand Ryan Berman on Getting a Return on Courage.

Founder and Chief Creative Office of The i.d.e.a. Brand, Ryan Berman, is on the show today to share about his new book, Return On Courage. Ryan takes his research on courage and applies it to businesses to build a courage brand. We dive into what courage really means for business and how you can leverage a courage brand to drive better business. Courage requires a willingness to act on a belief with the knowledge that you have to back it up. If courage starts with knowledge, then it also starts with you knowing yourself. Ryan’s company, The i.d.e.a. Brand, is based in San Diego and they are an integrated creative agency, specializing in marketing and messaging. The whole premise of the company is based on the fact that people don’t want to be sold to, instead they want to buy into an idea. Their focus is on coming up with powerful ideas and finding ways to power those ideas in the appropriate channels and building a courage brand.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Hear Ryan’s story and how he gained experience within the marketing industry.
  • Learn more about why Ryan started exploring courage and the courage brand.
  • Discover Ryan’s three tenets of courage; knowledge, faith, and action.
  • Understand why when it comes to courage, the way we are wired as humans is a major part of the problem.
  • Learn the fives steps to being courageous
  • Learn the top courage myths Ryan shares with us based on his research
  • Find out why it is important to have a clarity on your values and knowing what you stand for.
  • Understand the necessity of injected a rally cry into your “why” to have others rooting for you.
  • Discover why brands can benefit from an injection of courage and why paralysis is the enemy.
  • Hear as Ryan shares the myths of courage that he has discovered in his research.
  • Ryan shares examples of courage within his own personal life that has shaped him.


[spp-tweet tweet=””People don’t want to be sold to, they do want to buy in.” – @RyanBerman “] [spp-timestamp time=”[0:02:07.0] “]

[spp-tweet tweet=””Courageous ideas are the only ideas that matter.” – @RyanBerman”] [spp-timestamp time=”[0:03:20.0] “]

[spp-tweet tweet=””Core values are not eye rolls; they are how the exceptional roll.” – @RyanBerman”] [spp-timestamp time=”[0:13:42.0] “]

[spp-tweet tweet=””When you know what you stand for, you know when you can take a stand.” – @RyanBerman”] [spp-timestamp time=”[0:13:47.0] “]

Links Mentioned in Todays Episode:

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