#26 FMF: There’s No Such Thing As Reinvention

#26 FMF: There’s No Such Thing As Reinvention

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In this episode, Jeff Boss shares the truth about why the concept of reinvention does not exist and how life circumstances afford us the opportunity to uncover what was already there to begin with.

FMF: There’s No Such Thing As Reinvention.


Episode 26: Show Notes.


The whole concept of reinvention is an honorable thought and the intention behind it is nothing but positive. But the fact is, reinvention does not exist. It doesn’t exist because invention doesn’t exist. Nobody suddenly creates something that did not previously exist. You do not wake up one day and suddenly have something new. You do not suddenly have a super human trait of courage, honesty, candor, or humility that did not exist before. What does happen is that you find the opportunity to unearth what was already there. It might not have been exercised, but it was still there. You excavate what was already lying dormant below the surface all this time, and you do so because the environment has given you the opportunity to excavate it. Often times we do not invent a new way of thinking; we simply test what is already there, which is a willingness to be different.


Key Points From This Episode:

* Understand why the concept of reinvention, although honorable, does not exist.

* Find out why an previously existing trait is required for reinvention to occur.

* Learn what it means to excavate something that was already lying dormant within you.

* Discover why life circumstances bring opportunity to unearth what is already there to begin with.


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Welcome to the ChaosCast episode #26 for this five minute Friday!!!!

So this week I spent in FL, and on Monday I gave a speech to a group whose theme was reinvention.

Now, I've experienced a lot of change in my life as an individual, as part of a team and as part of a larger organization.

Not once, did I ever invent anything.

And because I never invented anything, I never REinvented anything.

This whole concept of reinvention folks, it's an honorable thought and the intention behind it is nothing but positive,

But the fact is,

Re-invention doesn't exist,
And that's because INvention, doesn't exist.

What I mean is this.

Nobody suddenly "creates" something that didn't previously exist.

You don't wake up one day and suddenly 'HAVE' some new, superhuman trait of courage, of honesty, of candor….of humility, that didn't exist before.

That's not what happens.

What does happen is, you unearth it.

You unearth what was already there. You excavate that which has been lying dormant below the surface all this time and you do so because the environment has afforded you the opportunity TO do so.

Put it this way, if I was never afforded the opportunity to go through hell week in bud/s, I never would've known the power of choice.

If dick Fosbury--the "creator" of the Fosbury flop which is the standard technique for the high jump--if he had never attempted something different, then high jumpers would've continued doing it the same old way.

But the thing is, Dick Fosbury didn't invent a new way of thinking, he just tested what was already there.

Or what about uUber, or AirBNB? They're two of THE BIGGEST service providers out there--if not THE biggest--and they don't even own an inventory. They don't own cars, and they don't own homes. They didn't invent anything, they just provided the opportunity to access what already existed.

What are you willing to unearth out of your life or your business? And what are you not?

Invention doesn't exist, folks. Only excavation; only adapting the dormant into the active; the unknown into the known.

When I was going through bud/s (that's SEAL training), the instructors didn't give us anything.

They didn't give us any new mental tools or mottos or "secrets" to get through, you know why? Because they didn't exist. What did exist was what was already within us. They just provided the opportunity to unlock it.

That's all I got for today's FMF. I hope you enjoyed the podcast, thanks for listening.




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