#25: The Chaos Of Startups – 4 Startup Frameworks To Navigate Entrepreneurial Chaos And Start

#25: The Chaos Of Startups – 4 Startup Frameworks To Navigate Entrepreneurial Chaos And Start

In today’s episode, Jeff Boss shares four startup frameworks for how to prepare for chaos and the unknown, and why developing a personal leadership philosophy allows you to clarify who you really are.


The Chaos of Startups: 4 Startup Frameworks to Navigate Entrepreneurial Chaos and Start Off RIGHT.


Episode 25: Show Notes.


In today’s ChaosCast we dive into preparing for chaos and the unknown. Developing a personal leadership philosophy is important because it allows you to clarify who you really are. It separates who you are as a leader, team member, employee, spouse, or friend from who others want you to be. Navigating chaos of any sort demands clarity. Clarity of values and purpose, clear goals and strategies to achieve them, and clear metrics for how success will be defined. What gets measured gets managed, and what gets managed gets improved. As a start up, it’s no secret that chaos abounds and does not slow down. This is why it is critical to lay the groundwork for yourself and start off right for your business, your team, and yourself so that when you find yourself in chaos, you do not need to think; you just act. The fact is, you do not want to find yourself in chaos and uncertainty and not know what to do because your priorities are unclear. You want to be prepared for the uncertainties within the chaos.


Key Points From This Episode:


  • Understand why it is important to develop a personal leadership philosophy.
  • Why clear goals and strategies can help you prepare for the unknown amidst chaos.
  • Learn why problems never go away, they just improve and lead you to the next.
  • Discover how to find certainty in uncertain situations, and the steps to get you there.
  • Understand why sometimes you’ve got to slow down in order to speed up.
  • Hear the analogy of the woodcutter teams, and taking the time to focus on what is important.
  • Learn why a personal leadership philosophy is the thing that represents your brand.
  • Discover the definition of a framework and why it is the major starting point for your business.
  • Understand the four key startup frameworks to start your business off right.
  • Why it is important to identify your lifestyle ambition and then align it with your business.
  • Learn the difference between starting your day and attacking your day.
  • Find out why identifying your top priorities and scheduling your day can propel you forward.
  • The importance of exercising to gain energy and clarity for increased productivity.



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