#24: Mine the Hunt

#24: Mine the Hunt

In today’s episode, Jeff Boss dives into the topic of mining the hunt, and facing our fears and conflicts head on in order to make the uncomfortable comfortable again.

Mine the Hunt.


Episode 24: Show Notes.


Like it or not, we are all hunters. The hunt is a challenge; it’s a problem to be solved, it’s an obstacle that needs to be avoided, or would rather be avoided. Why do challenges and obstacles often want to be avoided? Because facing them is just uncomfortable. Facing the hunt is not easy; but then again, nothing good every is. The thing is, facing something uncomfortable is actually the only way to feel comfortable again. You do not conquer a fear by ignoring it; you conquer a fear by facing it. That which impedes us, actually empowers us. In today’s episode we explore facing conflict and the story about Marcus Aurelius and his motivations behind writing his formula for success. What he wrote was a formula for conquering negativity, not just inspire of a setback, but because of it. It’s a formula for turning a setback into a success and for forging clarity out of chaos.


Key Points From This Episode:

* Hear the motivations behind why Marcus Aurelius wrote to create clarity from the chaos of being an emperor.

* Why Marcus Aurelius’ writings were a formula for success and excellence.

* Learn what it means to mine the hunt, and how to unearth what is buried.

* Understand why awareness is half the battle, and how it helps to create clarity.

* Discover why “the hunt” represents anything that stands in your way.

* Why mining the fear and facing the discomfort is critical in building awareness and tolerance.

* Learn the benefits of naming a fear and writing it down.

* Understand how to apply a process goal to become comfortable being uncomfortable.

* Find out why the process is not the moment, and that the moment does not matter.

* Why the long term focus is critical in mining the hunt.

* Discover the two different types of discomfort; positive and negative discomfort.

* Learn how to build greater trust by mining the hunt in a team setting.




“Facing the hunt, it isn’t easy; but then again, nothing good ever is.” ? @JeffBoss9 [0:00:24.0]


“What gets measured, gets managed; and what gets managed, gets improved.” ? @JeffBoss9 [0:02:39.0]


“Facing discomfort is exactly what allows you to create comfort.” ? @JeffBoss9 [0:03:28.0]


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