#07: Interview With Lee Ellis, Five Year Vietnam Pow, Leadership Coach and Consultant on Honor And Leadership

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In this episode Jeff interviews former Vietnam POW and current day leadership coach, consultant and author, Lee Ellis.

Lee is the author of two books, Leading With Honor: Leadership Lessons from the Hanoi Hilton and Engage With Honor: Building a Culture of Courageous Accountability.

You’ll learn:

1) The triad for what Lee considers fundamental to strong leadership

2) What exactly helped Lee build the courage to survive amidst unthinkable chaos,

3) How he learned to leverage his experience and grow his courage to become a better leader

4) The one thing Lee learned to cherish most in life

5) The impact, according to Lee, that leaders have on others

6) How to “lead up”

Lee’s website:¬†www.engagewithhonor.com

Forbes article on Lee: http://www.forbes.com/sites/jeffboss/2016/11/18/4-leadership-lessons-from-1955-days-as-a-pow/#5b7039285d42

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