#13 Interview With Jotforms Founder Aytekin Tank On How To Leverage Cross Functional Teams For Better Business Performance.output

#13 Interview With Jotforms Founder Aytekin Tank On How To Leverage Cross Functional Teams For Better Business Performance.output

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Aytekin Tank is the founder and CEO of JotForm, the easiest online form builder. JotForm is a product where you can create your own forms, such as payment forms, contact forms, event registration forms, and more. Aytekin started JotForm while working as a developer in a media company in New York. The idea for JotForm first came to Aytekin when he realized that their editors and writers had a need to create forms to collect data. So he decided to quit hit job and start working on JotForm full-time. At JotForm they have a mission of making forms as simple or as common as using Microsoft Excel or Word. Because, in today’s world, everyone is collecting and working with data and it has become part of our daily workflows. For Aytekin and the team at JotForm, it is really important to present data in an elegant and well-organized form to all of their clients. In 2016 JotForm was ranked in Entrepreneur Magazine’s annual ranking of the most entrepreneurial private companies in the U.S. Currently, JotForm has two million users to date, and they have created eight million forms for all of them. This tremendous interest in forms has inspired them to further pursue their mission of making form creation so simple that anybody can create and use them.


Key Points From This Episode:

  • Hear how Aytekin first got the idea to create JotForm, and how it led to him quitting his job.
  • Discover how the team at JotForm had to make transitions as they expanded.
  • Find out how Aytekin used cross-functional teams to build company culture.
  • Learn the five reasons why cross-functional teams are successful.
  • Aytekin shares about their “Friday Demo Days” and how it creates team bonding.
  • Understand why diversity is critical for fostering creativity within a team.
  • Discover how having a strong leader can help geographically dispersed teams to function.
  • Hear Aytekin’s definition of good leadership when it comes to cross-functional teams.
  • Understand why facing conflict and bringing it to the surface helps teams solve problems.
  • Aytekin shares the biggest challenges that he has faced when growing the company.
  • Learn why passion is Aytekin’s main criterion for hiring new team members.
  • Hear as Aytekin shares who his heroes are that he looks up to in his life.




Tweet: “Diversity is really needed for creativity.” — @aytekintank of @jotform via @jeffboss9 http://bit.ly/2jr50Ar [spp-timestamp time=”0:07:26.0″]


Tweet: “Problems never self-correct.” — @aytekintank of @JotForm via @jeffboss9 http://bit.ly/2jr50Ar  [spp-timestamp time=”0:15:16.0″]


Tweet: “Pain is required for growth. Impossible is possible with consistent hard work. Your internal talk can make or break you. Split hard things into small bites.” @aytekintank of @jotform via @jeffboss9 http://bit.ly/2jr50Ar [spp-ctabuttons]


Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

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JotForm — https://www.jotform.com/