#11 Tom Brady Didn’t Win, He Did This…

#11 Tom Brady Didn’t Win, He Did This…

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In this episode, Jeff recaps the lessons in mental performance from Superbowl LI. You will learn:

  • The one thing that distinguishes elite performers from the rest [spp-timestamp time=”3:50″]
  • Process vs. product goals [spp-timestamp time=”4:15″]
  • Personal example from BUD/S of process vs. product focus [spp-timestamp time=”4:46″]
  • The pitfall of product focus [spp-timestamp time=”5:34″]
  • How self image determines your performance [spp-timestamp time=”6:16″]
  • The difference between playing and believing [spp-timestamp time=”9:24″]
  • Practical takeaways [spp-timestamp time=”10:05″]
  • A SEAL saying  on training and performance [spp-timestamp time=”11:22″]
  • Extras [spp-timestamp time=”14:25″]

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