#08: Chaos is freedom. Relish in it

#08: Chaos is freedom. Relish in it

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In this episode, Jeff Boss shares how seeing chaos as a ladder requires curiosity, courage to question the status quo, and the commitment to follow through and the three ways to seize the hidden advantage afforded by the opportunity of uncertainty.


Chaos is Freedom. Relish in it.

Episode 08: Show Notes.

“Chaos is a ladder.” The bridge to nowhere always leads to somewhere, and along that path is where you discover yourself. You discover your team, you discover courage, and you discover commitment because we are living in a time of complete and utter uncertainty. We have to either adapt and change, or we will fall into obsolescence. Each task competing for our focus all aim to be priority number one. In doing so, it actually creates confusion because if everything is a priority, then really nothing is. With that uncertainty of what the future holds also comes the opportunity to challenge ourselves to grow and exemplify courage that can only come from adversity. Growth, by definition, entails change because to grow is to evolve and to alter in some way, shape, or form. With each new step comes the possibility of failure. However, you are only a failure if you do not take what you learn and apply it next time to get better. You cannot fail, unless you choose to stop learning. The key is to seize this hidden advantage afforded by the opportunity of uncertainty by tightening your own curiosity, formalizing it, and paying close attention to the direction of the voice inside your head.


Key Points From This Episode:


  • Hear why we are living in a time of complete uncertainty.
  • Discover the different types of uncertainty; task, political.
  • Learn why certainty is the enemy of growth, and how growth demands change.
  • Understand why the point when you stop learning will be the point at which you fail.
  • Hear why it is ultimately up to you whether you fail or not; you have to continue learning.
  • Find out why curiosity is one of the key elements that goes into creating.
  • Learn why seeing chaos as a ladder requires three things; curiosity, courage, and commitment.
  • Discover the paradox of commitment.
  • Hear the story of how Jeff flipped his boring history class into a learning opportunity.
  • Understand why Jeff strongly believes that you win when you learn.
  • The three ways to seize the hidden advantage afforded by the opportunity of uncertainty.




[spp-tweet tweet=”“With uncertainty, you don’t know what lies ahead, so you create it.” — @JeffBoss9″] [spp-timestamp time=”0:04:36″]


[spp-tweet tweet=”“Victims don’t win, because they’re stuck in self-defeat.”  — @JeffBoss9″] [spp-timestamp time=”0:05:53“]


[spp-tweet tweet=”“Nothing good every comes from easy.” — @JeffBoss9″] [spp-timestamp time=”0:07:40“]


[spp-tweet tweet=”“The beauty about uncertainty is that it affords you freedom.” — @JeffBoss9″] [spp-timestamp time=”0:15:17“]


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